The force grabber component lets you grab objects from a distance. It is configurable to require a quick movement of the hand. If Require Flick is checked, the flick (angular velocity) or quick move (velocity) threshold must be met while holding down the grab button to intiate the grab. Otherwise, simply holding down the grab button will remotely grab the item. For grabbables in the same priority grabbable bag, the closest object to the hand will be pulled.

  1. Grab Bags

    1. Priority based grab bags, 0 being the highest priority, to prioritize which grabbable to select if multiple end up in your trigger zone.

  2. Laser

    1. The line renderer that will draw a laser when requiring flick movements.

  3. Force Time

    1. Defines (in seconds) how long it takes for the item to reach your hand no matter the distance.

  4. Y Offset

    1. The grabbable will arc in a parabola peaking this high above your hand.

  5. Additional Auto Grab Time

    1. The additional time after the Force Time you have to automatically grab the object if you are holding down the grab button.

  6. SFX Grab

    1. The sound effect to play when succesfully force grabbing.

  7. Auto Grab Bag

    1. Trigger bag that will automatically grab the object if holding down the grab button.