Hand Posing

HurricaneVR does not use Unity's mecanim animation tool for hand animation. Each pose is stored in a scriptable object and used by the HVRHandAnimator.

Pose Settings Setup


  1. To reset the directories to their defaults, clear the fields and press "Reload Globals"

  2. To control where the default directories for Pose saving and RunTime poses go, chose them using the provided buttons.

Posable Hands

The HVRPosableHand component holds bone information of your hand model. You can use this component to preview, modify, and update your hand poses.

Default Hand Pose

The hand model has a HVRHandPoser component to manage the pose for your hand when it is not holding anything.

The HVRHandAnimator component is responsible for taking the currently assigned pose and animating it based on the pararameters you have set.

GrabPoint Posing

Grab Points have the HVRPosableGrabPoint component which requires a HVRHandPoser component for posing.

Hand poses for grab points can be modified directly in the editor. Each grab point poser has a primary pose with additional "blendable poses" in the event you want to animate the hand. These per finger animations can be activated by button press or any custom animation parameter that you define and set in your game.

The HVRHandPoser component can be managed in the HurricaneVR management window from Tools -> HurricaneVR or edited in the inspector of the component.


This component manages the Primary and Secondary blend poses used on the Default hand and while grabbing with static poses.

  1. Manipulate the hand in the scene editor and press Save As to create your new primary pose.

  2. To add secondary animation poses, press Add (being mindful the default is the open hand, I will change this in a future update). Select your previous pose and manipulate it and press Save As.

    1. Modify the parameters as mentioned in the below section to animate the specified fingers.

Pose Parameters

  1. Weight: how much weight does this pose contribute when blending with other poses.

  2. Mask: choose which fingers this blendable pose will affect.

  3. Type:

    1. Immediate: the pose will execute immediately without any parameters triggering it.

    2. Manual: you must set the blend value yourself on this pose. (wip)

    3. Float Parameter: 0 to 1 value you can assign with the animation parameter, or retrieve from the button parameter which will influence the amount of blending to apply to this pose.

    4. Bool Parameter: 0 or 1 value based on the animation or button parameter assigned.

  4. Speed: The speed as which the finger moves into its posed position.

  5. Animation Parameter: Custom parameters you can define in the HVRSettings scriptable object.

    1. Set the value of these custom parameters by calling HVRAnimationParameters.[SetFloatParameter, SetBoolParameter]

  6. Button Parameter: If checked it will use a controller button instead of an Animation Parameter.

    1. Button: the HVRButton to react to.