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HurricaneVR is a Physics-Based Interaction and Hand Posing toolkit built completely with Non-Kinematic Physics in mind. Enhance the immersion of your games with grab point pose editing right in the scene window, or use the Half-Life: Alyx style dynamic pose solver as a fallback. Easily create hand poses in debug mode using Oculus Quest hand tracking or the dynamic pose solver.

Feature Highlights

  • Grabbing any object requires only one component on that object.

  • Physics Hands and Physics-Based Grabbing.

  • Player Controller

    • Smooth Locomotion

    • Smooth Turning

    • Snap Turning

    • Physics-Checked Teleporting

  • Easy Posable Grab Point Editing with per finger blendable animations

    • Edit hand poses right in the scene window for object.

    • Joint offset per grab point to adjust angles for guns / swords etc.

  • Half-Life: Alyx Style Dynamic Hand Pose Solver

  • Posable Grab Point Recording while debugging in the editor

    • Works well with dynamic pose solver

    • Supports Oculus Hand tracking

  • Physics-Based Force Grabber

    • Configurable to behave like either Half-Life: Alyx or Walking Dead S&S style

    • Grabbable rotates to designated Posable Grab Point

  • Socketable Grabbers

    • Filterable by string, gameobject, enum, or enum flags

    • Set grabbables to start in specified sockets

    • Permanently link grabbables to a desired socket; dropping returns to the socket.

  • Samples included:

    • Interactables: doors, drawers, dials, buttons, and levers

    • Over the shoulder backpack inventory

    • Pistol with destructible objects

    • Auto collecting chest inventory